Thank You

A lot of people have shown their support to Lone Wolf, helping and giving advice along the way. I want to say a huge thank you them. I will be forever in debt to the following (in no particular order)...

Paul Burgess Graphic Design
Karen Burgess
Independent Sunderland
Plugged Inn
Little River Fanzine
67 Recording
Morris Ford
Matt Stalker
Martin Longstaff
Richard Smith
Ian West
David Wala Photography
Paul Alton
Spurious Nonsense Art Photography
137 Imaging
The Cluny
Cosmic Ballroom
Mark Eggleston
Steph Harland
Keir Waugh
All of the Split Festival team
All artists who have played the gigs.

And to everyone else for their support!


Alex 'Lone Wolf' Burgess! x

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